By far the greatest proportion of people purchasing rural residential properties come from an urban environment. They are looking for space, privacy and independence, while still retaining access to the shopping, health and cultural resources they were accustomed to.

The lots at Myall Park have underground power supply, doing away with unsightly telegraph poles and wires.

However these lots do not have water supply or connection to town sewer reticulation. Without exception all of the buyers at Myall Park find this a major factor when purchasing. There is excellent technology today to manage both water supply and sewer reticulation onsite and avoid years of ongoing costs to authorities.

Water storage is still done by way of catchment from roof areas but the modern composite tanks and filtration systems ensure that the household always has pure, clean and free water.

And the septic tank is now a thing of the past, with modern on site aerated sewer management systems being mini versions of the technology that services our major cities. These systems not only process household sewer and greywater waste but also provide a non polluting water supply for house and vegetable gardens, resulting in minimal water waste and a near zero environmental footprint.

And with electricity the technology now exists to opt out of the grid forever, making your property pretty well cost free. And more importantly, out of the grasp of quasi government authorities which could sell services to private enterprise with effects we just cannot determine.

Apart from having your own vegie garden, one of the most enjoyable ways of pursuing sustainability is to have your own chooks! There’s nothing quite like seeing your kids or grandkids pluck fresh eggs from a laying box, as if they appeared overnight by magic. And what better way to deal with kitchen scraps (as well as composting)?

The links below will take you to sites that will provide excellent information on alternative power, water storage, onsite sewer management and even keeping chooks:

Great Lakes Councils Regs:

Water Storage:

Government Rebates for water tanks:

Farm Yard:

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